• Benjamin Berman

    Ben is a former researcher from the MIT developing video games. Visit hiddenswitch.com to play Spellsource, a community authored card game.

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    A community authored card game

    MonsterMatch: A Mozilla Creative Media Awards Project

    Read more from Wired, 2019

    Roguelike Celebration Talk: Machine Learning for Game Content Generation

    The Roguelike Celebration 2017

  • Workpop

    Starting in LA, Workpop is creating the best experience for hourly-focused job seekers and the businesses, small and large, that hire them. For hourly workers, we empower them to find a jobs that fit their schedule, needs and interests - and help them develop skills and reputation in the workforce, which can lead to better opportunities and career growth. For employers, we empower them to hire faster with better candidate information in order to retain the best people and reduce employee turnover . The days of ugly classifieds and impersonal job boards are behind us. Workpop is re-imagining the job seeking and hiring process with a beautifully designed, human focused solution.


    Art, animation and film reel


    Director of Animation, Assistant Director on various fiction and nonfiction works.