• Software

    Libraries, utilities and installation scripts for software developed at Hidden Switch and the MIT Media Lab

    A digital card game

    Spellsource is a digital card game built by its community of players. Download it from Hidden Switch's website. Available for Windows and Mac.

    Project page for Spellsource Server

    Spellsource Server powers the Spellsource game.

    A Unity SDK for Meteor.

    A Unity SDK for Meteor. Tested with Unity3D 5.3.2p2, Meteor's Galaxy hosting and Modulus hosting on iOS 9.2 and 9.3 64bit platforms. See the Documentation.


    This release supports il2cpp backends, allowing it to be used in production for iOS builds. iOS, Android and desktop platforms are supported. WebGL is not supported.

    A Python wheel for Tensorflow 1.3 with GPU support on Mac.

    This Python wheel provides is a Tensorflow 1.3 build with GPU support on Mac. Tensorflow with GPU support is no longer officially supported by the Tensorflow team. Install with "pip install".


    Built for Python 2.7. This was built against the system numpy because it uses Accelerate.framework for BLAS. Tested with a Maxwell Titan X in an AKITIO Node enclosure. I built it with support for the 650M, 750M, Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal external GPUs.

    HLAPI Pro

    An updated High Level networking API for Unity3D

    Written by vis2k and supported by yours truly. This package greatly improves and fixed bugs in the main Unity networking API.

    Installation instructions for Caffe.

    These installation instructions help you get the computer vision and machine learning package Caffe running on modern Macs. Historically, this package is difficult to install on Macs and is not well supported by the development team.

    Installation instructions for libtorrent and rtorrent.

    This script installs the high-performance BitTorrent client rtorrent and its dependency libtorrent onto your Mac. The package was deprecated last year from brew; these instructions should be authoritative.